DEBATE: Who was Jesus?

The “Who was Jesus?” debate was held in November 2011 in London. The debate was between Sarah Snyder who is an academic theologian from Cambridge University, and Adnan Rashid. [fbcomments width=”550″]

DEBATE: Is Atheism or Islam More Rational?

The “Is Atheism or Islam More Rational?” debate was held in the USA at the University of Minnesota in November 2011. The debate was between Dan Barker, who is the author of “Godless” and the ex-director of the Freedom From…

DEBATE: God – Fairy Tale or Truth?

The “God: Fairy Tale or Truth?” debate was held in August 2011 in Norway. The debate was between Dr. Lars Gule, one of the leading atheists and humanists in Europe, and Hamza Andreas Tzortzis. [fbcomments width=”550″]

DEBATE: Can We Live Better Lives Without Religion?

The “Can We Live Better Lives Without Religion” debate was held in December 2010 at Imperial College London. The discussion involved Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Dr. Peter Cave, who is the chair of the Humanist Philosophers at the British Humanist…